Your child is our number one priority

We provide inspirational curriculum that’s designed to educate children in a way where learning is fun. 

Your child will learn about science, language, math, social skills, creative arts, and overall health and happiness. We look forward to sharing this experience with your family and becoming a trusted partner with you and your child.

In the Explorers Class (infants 8 weeks-23 moths) the children will work on their social skills, they will have story time, music time, arts and crafts and even learn sign language!

In the Adventurers Class (two year olds) the children will have circle time where they will learn all about the calendar, the days of the week, months, days and also talk about the weather. In each classroom there are themes that will change bi-weekly. Along with the bi-weekly themes the children will learn the basics; colors, shapes, the alphabet, their name and also sign language! Sign language is important during the early years because in most young children their communication is not the best.

In the Navigators Class (three year olds) the children will continue to go over the basics, but now also learning the importance of text and how to write. They will continue with the same themes and daily activities as the Adventurers.

In the Inventors Class (four & five year olds) the children should have mastered the basics and will be beginning to learn their letter sounds so they may begin reading. The children will begin learning simple math like adding and subtracting. Our goal for the Inventors Class is to have them ready for school!