Early Education

Building Imagination

Young children have enormous creative capacity. Nurtured from an early age, this supports learning in school.

Growing Cognitive

A child’s cognitive development during early childhood begins at the moment of birth.

Increase Creativity

Creative activities like drama, music, dance, art and craft are great for learning and development.

About Us

A Space for Your Children to Grow

Watching children develop and explore new skills, while they have fun, is rewarding. It is even more rewarding for parents as their children are so eager to show and tell all they have made and learned each day. At Kiddie Tracks, we cherish these moments and value our close relationships with our parents and children.

Why Choose Us?

Our Facilities

At Kiddie Tracks, we provide a solid foundation for learning – both socially and academically. We lay the foundation for learning to prepare your child for success.

Learn while playing

We help children develop imagination and creativity, communicate thoughts, experiences or ideas.

Academic & Social Development

Creative & learning activities help build confidence, understand and express emotions, and practice and improve social skills.

Live Classroom Cameras

Parents have access to our live classroom cameras, so you can watch your child play and learn while you are away! We are the only child care center in the area to offer classroom cameras.

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